Thursday, 24 May 2012

IPL Bonanza

Hi everyone, it's IPL season in India and being a cricket enthusiast I'm going to share some pics of my favourite team Chennai Super Kings players with you all. Have an eyeful :)

                          The indigenous Captain cool

Laid back coach

Dreaming of the sixes he hurled at RCB!

The newest team member who took the season by the storm

                                 Raina in a rare restful pose

       Anyone recognise him? Smashed some well placed shots

#sorry people had to remove the pics.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A poetic endeavor

Hi everyone! Today I'm posting a poem written by my daughter. So proud of her but that's natural. Hope you like it as well.
                                         THE ROAD

I start from the route you choose to travel
Made of coal tar or just of gravel

I emerge from a beautiful ridge
Or connect two banks forming a bridge

I’m the cause of much confusion
And many a times cause an illusion

I help you get to your destination
Be it real or just imagination

I don’t care about where you belong
Discrimination is past me, I take everyone along

I stretch along and divide in two
You choose the one you want to

Some take the path their mind set
But some don’t take and they regret

 You can travel in day or in the night
Enjoying the sun or the moonlight

 I stretch as long as the river Nile  
Or end after covering only a mile

I pass through the forest, I lead to the beach
You can find roaming on me, insects like a leech

Sometimes under a tree-cover, sometimes left plain
You can marvel the breeze or enjoy the rain

I’m always ready to help you all
Have made wonders like the Great Wall

I’m made in curves or in straight lane
Can’t help the traffic which drives you insane

Do let me know how you found it. Till next time, cheerio!
Have a great week!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Inconvenient Muse

Writers often struggle with that slippery customer, writer's muse. Mostly the problem is in pinning it down. Well, I have been hard at work trying to put down the first three chapters of my Passions book. I call it that after the name of the contest Mills and Boon India hosted and also because it is that for me...a passion. Though the amount of mental and even more psychological energy being expended - in seesawing the ever threatening question of Will It Be - makes for the more appropriate term 'obsession'. Anyway, to get back to the point, during this I have discovered how inconvenient my Muse has become. After wasting away precious keyboard minutes in jabbing away words I know can't be exciting to the reader since they sound flat to me, I give up and go start on lunch. Only to find that suddenly the situation I was head banging is crystal clear, the hero who had been mouthing dialogues like my recalcitrant son at lunch when he doesn't get his favourite meal, is now really talking as though he means it, all in my head, the heroine is whizzing away on her emotional stream, a stream made up of perfectly tailored words. Maybe it's because the stress of thinking is gone or that having your hands busy allows your mind to wander off on its own path. But the problem is, instead of tapping keys, my fingers are closed around the spatula. How tough it is only if you're a writer you can imagine! Out of desperation, I grab the nearest thing, my phone and starting qwertying the lines, only they've faded a little and takes me a bit of thinking to remember, what did he say after she said this?oh bother! And then the ominous sound of sizzling vegetables reminding me of where I am. Scratch the typing, I have a family to feed and a charred meal will not make for happy smiles.
Ah such are the trails of an inconvenient muse!

What about you? Do you wrestle with this inconsistent entity? Have you ever thought of the perfect scene then not remember a word when you started to type? Do share your thoughts, I'd love to know!

Have a great week! :)